Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Summer iPad Workshops Day 1 Done, Now For Day 2!

Thank you to everyone who attending our iPad courses today, How to Maximize Instruction by using iPads in your Literacy Block and How to Maximize Instruction by using iPads in your Math Block! I had so much fun and learned about some great new tools and tips for using iPads in primary classrooms! That is why I love leading technology workshops so much, I get to learn from the attendees and it is fantastic!

After wrapping up a busy day today and giving out over 50 free app codes of some amazing apps I am exhausted and exhilarated for Day 2 all at the same time! Tomorrow I will be leading workshops on iPad Apps for Primary Students and iPad Apps for Teachers of Primary and Elementary Students.  I spent the last few hours editing and updating the presentations, it gets me super excited to think about all of the awesome stuff coming to the teachers who are attending tomorrow! If you are in Central MN it isn't to late to join in on the fun! Just head to our Eventbrite page at https://goo.gl/DA41oL  There is still quite a bit of space left and with our smaller group sizes you get very individualized educational technology training!

If you are in the classes, thank you for registering! I look forward to working with you tomorrow! But until that time, below are the presentations for both classes. You'll notice not a ton of info on the slides, one needs to attend the workshops to get the full information! And trust me, it is some GOOD stuff! Hope to see you then!
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Monday, July 13, 2015

Summer 2015 iPad Workshops!

I am SUPER excited about presenting at 2 different workshops tomorrow, How to Maximize Learning within your Primary Literacy Block and How to Maximize Learning within your Math Block! I have spent hours working on both presentations and I truly hope that the attendees tomorrow will have some fun learning time!

I posted the 2 presentations below in case you want to check them out! But in order to get the full effect please join me in the workshops! You can register at the door or go to https://goo.gl/h7h44G to register. You can do it all through your phone, including pay and receive your ticket so no need to worry about printing anything off! If you have a QR code scanner scan below!

How to Maximize Learning using iPads within your Primary Literacy Block 

 How to Maximize Learning using iPads within your Math Block

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